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Hi All,

I´ve spent the last few days in The Pantanal, the worlds largest wetland and the best place to see wildlife.

I spent 3 nights/four days in a lodge there, where we did activities such as Pirahna fishing (I caught 2 pirahnas and 2 other fish), tubing down the river (scariest moment being when we saw a caiman - alligator - get into the river just as we were about to get in!!), boat rides, jungle walks, horse-riding and a jeep safari. The two night boats were the best though - especially when the guide switched off the engine and torch so we could see the stars and listen to the sound of the jungle.

In my time there I got to see plenty of Caimans, Copybara´s, toucans, other birds, deer and even a jaguar!

Off to the Amazon next.... :D

Love, Ellen xx

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