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More of my driftwood art. Brian, from Marble Hill bought this one



Both these oars were sold at Marble Hill

in the works. I forgot to take pictures of my latest 4...

Our friend Julie began our newest improvement, a sunscreen for the aft...

Three separate panels that zip at the top, snap at the bottom,...



Another boat job, reupholstering the headliner from around our bed, which is...

The one piece headliner, with the ancient, worn material stripped off

The new material, a piece we bought in a little store in...

John removing the hundreds of old staples


on wit the new material

All done

A big improvement. Now I need a new bedspread to match

Julie and Ed are back for the final fitting, and to add...

Ed the snap guy

John, the screw guy



Looking great




trimming the tie ups

John rolling up the end panel

Even in Paradise, there is work to be done.

Diamond Lil requires a lot of attention, if she is to be kept looking her best at this point in her life. It's a harsh climate for an old girl, to say the least.

We haven't returned DL to her usual position on the dock. John wants to finish the work he is doing on our radar arch, up in the fly bridge, first.

Once we do swing back around, the afternoon, or evening sun, as they would say here, is hot on the back of the boat and we cannot sit out there at all. Even the inside of the boat heats up this time of day, so we asked our friend Julie, who does canvas work, to fashion us a sunscreen for the aft deck, so we could snap it down in the evening and roll it up in the morning or when we travel. Julie did an excellent job and the new addition looks great.

The next job was the reupholstering of the headliner that goes around the sides and top of our bed. Ugly, 24 year old material was ripped off and replaced with new material, that we found in a little taperia (sewing store), down in French Harbour. The weather has cooled since September, which is apparently the hottest month of the year here. Most days we have a high of 82-84 and a low in the high 70's. Right now it is cloudy and 75 degrees, which is when the locals start putting on jackets, and stand shivering as they talk to you.

Diamond Lil Does the Bahamas is slowly taking shape and Diamond Lil Does the Loop is gradually getting more exposure.

I received my first book reveiw in

We are now preferred vendors in the AGLCA estore, where people can buy the book and

I have been invited to speak at the Toronto International Boat Show in Jan, 2013.

Lisa comes on Dec 17th, for three weeks, until Jan 8th, and then Mom and Dad Wood arrive by cruise ship on Jan 12 and stay until Jan 26th.

Then I'll take a trip to Ontario to visit family and friends in mid February, so life is good, and busy!

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