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We woke to the sound of thunder and saw flashes of lightning through the small opening between the curtains.

By 4:30 AM I was in the shower while Marilyn fixed our coffee.

We sat outdoors with a cup of hot coffee, watching the day break, along with the continued flashing of lightning.

By 5:30 the group was ready so we loaded up the van and headed out. It began to rain before we left the resort.

The temperature was cool and the rain intensified a bit, but we pressed on, intending to have a breakfast cookout at one of the designated picnic areas.

That was the plan no matter what the weather, but the rain stopped and suddenly we saw two hyenas on the road ahead of us.

We watched them and took many photos before continuing south on the “tar”.

An exclamation from Jackie in the front seat alerted us to the scene in front of us.

Nine lions in and alongside the road, one or more of them sleeping in the middle of the road, while others lazed beside some bushes, in the deep grass.

Once again we stopped to take pictures and spent quite some time watching these lions. Lots of fun!

For awhile we had the pride of lions to ourselves but soon several more cars came along and began a traffic jam. That was our signal to move on.

We drove down another bone-jarring dirt road to finally reach the chosen picnic sight.

The chilly breeze made a sweatshirt or light jacket feel comfortable as Jackie cooked bacon, eggs and bananas on the Braai while Linda used the other Braai to make toast.

Once the breakfast was eaten we cleaned things up rapidly and were back on the road, trying to keep our senses as we hopped sideways on the ruts, no matter what speed Tony selected or how carefully he drove.

We spied a herd od elephants and watched them for awhile taking yet more pictures.

Finally we reached the “tar” and were happy to be on smooth road once again.

Back at camp we all headed in different directions, choosing to relax, take a walk, or maybe snooze a bit with a good book on our laps.

For sure, Life is Good!

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