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Today was a day when the group was allowed to sleep in.

It was 6:30 before we ate breakfast and we were headed out the gate by 7:00 AM.

What a day we had!

We had gone only a few miles before we saw a few cars stopped along the road. That is a sign that there is an animal sighting and we were delighted to see a leopard in a tree with his kill, a small antelope. We could not determine the exact species of antelope but thought it might be a duiker.

The next sighting we had was a male lion asleep under a tree. Wow!

The most difficult of the “Big Five” to spot is the leopard and the lion.

Now we had only to spot the Rhino, Buffalo, and Elephant to complete the big five in one day.

It wasn’t long before we spotted the buffalo and the elephant, but the rhino was more elusive.

It wasn’t until after lunch and we were near our camp on the return, that we spotted the rhino.

Success! The Big Five in One Day is not a common accomplishment.

We were back in camp by 3:00 PM, picked up a few groceries and returned to our humble accommodations for an hour or so of rest before going on another short drive.

I have more good pictures to share with you today and hope you enjoy them. I hope also that you are not yet tired of seeing pictures of these animals because we still have days to go and other camps to visit before we return to the USA.

Life is Good!

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