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We didn’t sleep well again last night. A storm moved through just after midnight, with lots of thunder and lightning, and that woke me.

In any case, we were up by 4:30 to get started on our adventure for the day.

After our morning coffee we joined our friends for a trip down to another camp, called Skukuza. Along the way we had quite a day of animal viewing.

We saw more than 20 species of animal, including more than 30 giraffes, some elephants, zebras, buffalo, and many others.

However, the highlight of our trip was when we came on two lions and their freshly killed wildebeast.

We watched as they seemed to congratulate themselves and then one, probably the mother of the younger one, wandered off down the road. The younger one ate from the kill and when we had exhausted our picture taking, we decided to continue our trip.

Beside, many cars were now stopping to watch and photograph the goings on. One jerk had his radio on with the volume turned a bit high, and that seemed to disturb the lion a bit. We understand because it disturbed us too.

We continued our journey, taking many pictures along the way.

At Skukuza we were happy to see that the ATM was working and got some much-needed cash, used the internet at about $5.00 for 30 minutes, to send a few e-mails to loved ones back home, and ate lunch, before heading back “home”.

We were going on a “Bush Braai” around 5:00 and needed to be at the meeting place a few minutes before that time.

Our little gang of friends walked to the meeting place and boarded our open Land Rover for the game viewing portion of the Bush Braai. Of course we could not leave before handing over the form we had to sign saying basically that if we were harmed, like eaten by a lion, etc, that the company was not liable.

Then the driver climbed aboard with a rifle and plenty of ammo.

That made us all feel quite safe! LOL

Actually the Bush Braai turned out to be a very nice, romantic, adventure.

We drove along the back roads for an hour and a half or maybe a bit longer, and arrived at the site for our meal well after dark.

They had candles in paper bags along the pathway to where they also had prepared a table, all set up with table cloth, more candles, and a very nice table setting.

We were served drinks which we had selected when we booked this activity, and then the meal was ready.

We were the only six people there except for the chef, waiter, and two armed guards who stood by with loaded rifles to protect us from any critters which might be attracted by the buffet meal.

We enjoyed rump roast, grilled chicken, potatoes, beets, vegetables, a Greek salad, warm bread, several other items, and that was followed by dessert similar to bread pudding with a custard sauce.

The stars overhead were awesome and we could clearly see the milky way and the galaxies normally seen in the southern hemisphere.

Our conversation was punctuated by much laughter and everyone had a great time.

On the way back to camp, Howard spotted several new species we did not have on our list. All together, we counted 25 species of animals seen on this day.

It was one awesome day that we will remember fondly for a very long time.

Life is Good!

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