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Every day seems to begin at 5:30 so we get up at 4:00 to have our morning coffee before the van leaves the camp.

We are having a wonderful time and seeing more animals than we ever imagined we would see when we were only dreaming of the safari with friends.

Each person takes their turn at funny remarks that keep the group cracked up, especially during our nightly happy hours.

The meals, prepared mainly by Tony & Jackie, have been delicious but we have far too much food for us to eat right before going to bed at night.

We return to the camp only a few minutes before 6:00 PM and then Tony lights the grill (Braai) while Jackie organizes the remainder of the meal.

The nightly happy hour takes place while the coals in the braai are getting hot and just right for cooking.

The conversation and laughter are constant while this activity is going on and stops immediately upon the food being served.

At that point, all you hear is groans of pleasure as the meal is consumed.

As soon as the meal is consumed, the dishes are done and things are cleaned up very quickly.

The group then scatters for some quiet time and a night of sleep.

I should mention that today was special because we saw five lions, four of them being males.

We also saw about 20 giraffes, more than 30 elephants, and all of the other animals normally seen on our drives.

The one animal we looked for all day and did not see was the leopard.

That is one of the big five and we usually see all of the others but have only seen the leopard once.

So that is the way our days are going, passing too quickly, but lots of fun.

I should also mention to you that Jackie called our previous camp to tell them about the food we accidentally left behind when we moved yesterday.

Well, they had discovered the items left behind and sent them to us on one of their transport trucks.

That was a blessing and we were all happy for Jackie, who had planned a special treat with the gem squash.

It was great!

OK, now I’ll stop for the day. I must mention though, that……. Life is Good!

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