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A few crazy events have occurred since the last time I wrote in this journal. First of all we were meant to move 14 Corellas into a larger aviary. However, the keeper misunderstood and mixed species. He also moved them by shoving 10 birds into a very small square box. During the move they attacked each other resulting in 3 severely injured cockatoos. I have one with a large lesion on the side of its neck and above its eye. One with large deep lesions on both of its legs. The last one has a wound covering the entirety of its chest, above the eye and under one of its wings. They are all 3 now separated into individual cages and the rest of the group is recovered and getting along well. Our wonderful project team did a great job repairing the enclosure which now has browse, rubber rings and nice large perches for the Corellas to play on. While moving the three across to their own individual cages to recover one preceded to bite my boob leaving large beak marks! I know too much information, but thought I would share anyway. I also moved Cap'n a Yellow Crested Cockatoo down into our "reject" bird aviary who has a clubbed foot. He seems to be very happy there and happy to be surrounded by other misfit friends. Yesterday's major event was a stranded baby deer. One of the cooks saw the deer being pushed around by the babirusa and went in to save it. However, she forgot about the Cassowary who decided to go after her and bit her several times on the arms and legs. Thankfully it was the one with a snubbed beak so it could not do any severe damage. Rachael called to inform me that they had the deer however I thought she said the cassowary got the deer and I ran up expecting to see a deer torn into pieces. When I arrived on the scene the deer was in one piece and just weak. I gave her some glucose and put her back into the enclosure. While putting her back into the enclosure I climbed through a "den" while 4 babirusa looked on and Rachael stood at the top with the torch to keep an eye out of the Cassowary! As of the moment there is no sight of mother or baby but I have a sinking suspicion that the baby was abandoned due to it being ill but was instructed to put it back into the enclosure. Today I have spent a majority of the day "hunting" for a sight of the baby deer who I have named Bella Luna. A few days back Yoan, my three armed macaque friend, was found with a large lesion that was flapped over on each side revealing the entire skull. I was pretty ill that day so Simon darted the macaque for me and I sutured the skull. When I went back the next day Yoan was up and about and acting like his normal happy self. However when he noticed me watching him he pushed his head up against a bamboo stalk and rubbed his "temples" as if to tell me " I have a headache". He is now on a mild pain medication and was found "drumming" with sticks on his enclosure today. I think that is all I have for updates right now.

P.S-More photos added to facebook :-)

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