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Eagle bluff

Lunch by the water at Denham

We were planning on going straight to Monkey Mia today, but we couldn't get a campsite. I have since found out, Monkey Mia is basically one resort on the beach. Thankfully, the resort offers accommodation ranging from beachfront cabins to campsites, but unfortunately today is a public holiday in WA (the Queen is in Perth), so we can't get a spot until tomorrow. Not to worry, in the whole area, known as Shark Bay, there are plenty of places to stay, and the town of Denham is only 27km shy of Monkey Mia, and that is where we decided to head to. 

We read up on the area during our 4 hour drive and settled on spending the night at Francois Peron National Park. As we approached  Shark Bay, the views were spectacular. Gorgeous tourquiose water on either side of us, filled with sharks, dugongs, rays and turtles, not that we saw all of those animals. We stopped a a place called Eagle bluff, a vantage point to view the marine life. There is a lot more to see around Shark Bay, but we will stop again on our way back down from Monkey Mia.

We popped into Denham, to make a sandwich by the water and a have an Friday afternoon drink at the pub. Denham is a little seaside town whose streets used to be all made from shells, until they decided to cover them in bitchumen- how stupid. There are still a couple of building made out of shells.

From Denham, we drove only 30 minutes into the National Park. The drive was really sandy, but our little dune buggy made it safely. We stayed at a place called big lagoon, and unfortunately it was really windy, making swimming, cooking and any outdoor activity a little bit tough. Even our 2 minute noodles took 10 minutes to cook with a towel around the gas cooker to stop it blowing out. Sleeping also proved difficult as the wind shook the trailer, and a group of French travelers played dance music into the wee hours of the morning.

Not surprisingly, we left at 7:45am the next morning- here we come  Monkey Mia.


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