Nova Scotia 2011 Trip travel blog

We are now back where we started 4 months and 4 days ago after traveling 9,128.4 miles, consuming 1,239.2 gallons of diesel fuel, averaging 50.9 mph, with a total driving time of 179.30 hours, and averaging 7.4 miles per gallon.

We had a great trip with only one major problem when the engine fan system system came apart on the second day out. With the exception of the last two weeks our health had been great and we enjoyed every minute of the trip. That said we are presently very tired and in recovery mode and we will be taking our time unloading everything except the refrigerator which we just finished emptying.

Neither of us is ready to get back on the road now but within a few weeks we will likely be planning another trip for 2012.

So for 2011 the Travel Journal is closed and we will let all of you know when another is begun in 2012.

Everyone Take Care,

Ross & Marge

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