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We spent the last night here in a twin cottage however the power was out all night so no advantage of our own hot shower, power to charge our camera batteries or lights to pack by.  At least we didn't have to get up earlier to take down a tent in the dark and we sleep well. Breakfast at six again for early departure at seven.

Lush rainforest landscapes with wild papyrus growing gave way to dryer foothills and acacia woodlands. Small villages with friendly locals going about their daily duties peppered the roadsides. A few children obviously equated handouts to tour busses as they would run alongside the bus with their hands out yelling at us to stop.

Our lunch stop once again drew some curious onlookers. We were surrounded by waiting locals of all ages. This time it was near impossible to eat while a small boy and his mom looked on. The little one was obviously malnourished. Following our lunch our tour cook gave bread and left over water melon. Our empty gallon water bottle was a hit too. I'm sure they will use it to carry water.

Arrival to Lake Mburo early allowed us to do a game drive on the way to the camp site. We were warned that it was going to be our most basic site and it was by far. Long drop stinky toilets, cool showers and no power. The girls decided that the long drops were so disgusting that the bush toilet was our better option. That says a lot about the toilet situation. I walk into the bush to find a spot to do my business when the grunts of a hidden wart hog get my attention. That convinced me that going into the deep bush for privacy was not necessary.

On the short game drive we spot zebra, vet it monkeys, water bucks, impala, wart hogs and a variety of birds. Upon arrival at camp we had to set up tents among the wart hogs and their droppings. With animals in the camp site and the lake shore right there it really was a stunning place in a remote sort of way. The wart hogs tended to ignore us as we went about our business although I decided then that I wanted to avoid the need for a toilet break during the night. No liquids after dinner tonight for me.

Many of our group decide to go the boat ride option to see hippos and crocs but Al and I have seen enough of those and relax by the camp until dinner. 

During dinner one of our group notices something exit the water and by the noises it made we knew it was a hippo. Flashlights lit up the area to confirm a large hippo had come out of the water to graze for the night right behind our tents. He opened up his large mouth twice for us! Another reason not to use the bush toilet at night.

Following dinner we sit around a camp fire. Believe it or not Al's 3 G network allowed us to check emails and send some messages as well. Our group appreciated this technology in such a remote area.

Sleep comes easily with the only sounds being hippos and warthogs. Peaceful at last!

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