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Fort Stephens State Park Campground

FSSP Beach and Surf

Shipwreck at Fort Stephens Beach

Wheres the Rider?


To Cape Disappointment

Surf Wood Beach and Faraway Lighthouse

Cape Disappointment Lighthouse

Lighthouse Backside

Lewis & Clark Intrepetive Center from Lighthouse

Back to the Beach

What a Beautiful Tree

WWII Coastal Bunker

Jetty and Fishing Boat

Weather Baloon Going to Sea

Fishing Boat off Cape Disappointment

Well here it is eight days after the fact, my birthday(got an autographed card from Barack Obama), and we are in Newport, Oregon at South Beach State Park and I still haven't caught up on the past week. We will be here for several days so will try to get more up-to-date.

Once again the pictures tell the story here. We drove across the bridge through some outrageous seaside cranberry farm country to the Cape Disappoint Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center and Lighthouse. The beach with wood and surf was on the way before we went up the hill to the oldest lighthouse in the US that is still operating. The pictures back from the lighthouse are to the same beach with the wood and surf.

The interpretive center was a thorough description of the last part of the Lewis and Clark expedition to the end of the Columbia River. Very interesting but too long a story to tell here.

The real interesting story was about why it is called Cape Disappoint. Before Lewis and Clark came a Captain Meares who sailed from England because he was told there was a North West Passage; a river that emptied into the Pacific. He got to this area but the confluence of the Columbia River and the ocean were so tumultuous that he couldn't find the river. Thus Cape Disappointment.

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