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We have just returned from one awesome day of Safari.

We had no idea when we got out of bed before 4:00 AM, just how wonderful this day would be.

We had time to dress and sit together with some morning coffee before meeting the rest of our friends at the Van about 5:20.

We were third in line to get out of camp when the gate was opened at 5:30AM.

We were on our way, beginning the first full day of our Safari.

It wasn’t long after leaving the gate that we saw our first wild animal, a hyena, but many more animals followed.

Before we stopped to have breakfast at “Afsaal Trader’s Rest” camp we had managed to see and photograph in addition to the Hyena, numerous Rhinos, Impalas (too many to count), Dika (a small antelope), Kudu, Dwarf Mongoose, many Zebra, many Giraffe (one stood right next to us on the road), a couple of female Lions (very close to us), and several Wildebeast.

After eating a good breakfast outdoors, we headed on toward Skuzuza camp and we recorded on our list of animals, in addition to many repeats of animals we had seen before breakfast, Water Buck, a couple of Cheeta, Wart Hogs, Steenbok, Bushbok, Cape Buffalo, Klip Springer, numerous Elephant, including several small herds which had babies in the group, more Zebra, a Pride of Lions, and Monkeys.

We searched for a Leopard but did not see one today. Maybe tomorrow.

At Skuzuza camp we ate lunch beside a river where Tony has seen many elephants in the past.

Marilyn shopped for a few gifts while we were there.

Back at our own camp, we packed up to leave early in the morning, then gathered for happy hour and dinner with our friends.

Life is Good!

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