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Feeling much better today we got an early start and left Elko by 0730 and 5 hours later we arrived in Bordertown RV park located 15 miles north of Reno and the intersection of I-80 and US-395. Total distance for the day was about 285 miles.

The weather again was very good. The skies were clear, the temperatures were cool and the wind was well below normal. The scenery is all sage brush and sand, rolling hills and valleys between and surrounded by mountains. The road was good except for sections near Winnemucca and Battle Mountain. The most surprising thing was seeing no less than eight Nevada Highway Patrolman when on the many trips previously we normally not not see a single Highway Patrolman during the entire 410 miles across the state of Nevada.

Every time we cross Nevada and see so much open space that has interspersed every 50 to 100 miles small villages/towns with what seems to be no visible means of support. Many of these towns are made up of ramshackle trailers and motorhomes that do not look like they could survive the bitter cold winters experienced here in the high desert country of Nevada. It does make one thankful for what one has.

It is now 1830 and the sun has set and the temperature is dropping. The prediction for tonight is for temperatures to be in the mid 40's so we should have comfortable sleeping and no worry about disconnecting the water before retiring.

Tomorrow we will get a late start to allow the commute traffic in Reno and Sacramento to clear out and drive to Lodi where we plan on spending our late night out on this trip at the Flag City Campground in Lodi. The remainder of the day and evening and Tuesday morning will be spend getting the motorhome clean and ready to unload once we get home sometime around 1300.

That is all for now,

Ross & Marge

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