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Had a great time out with the volunteers last night. It was nice to do something that seemed "normal" and just let loose a bit. Kent, Alexandra, Nard, Janet, Sarah, Dewi, Kelly, Simon and myself went out to Score a club in Manado to celebrate Simon's 20th birthday and a sort of good bye to Kelly. It was a great time! Simon was called Justin Bieber and pulled up on stage for a shot for his birthday. It was a little rough getting myself moving this morning though, but well worth a good time with some amazing people. We have had a slight change in volunteers and more coming in soon. I am excited to meet everyone coming. It will also be nice to have my new vet team. There are some exciting and challenging projects in the work including several macaque moves from solitary cages to form a new troop and some joining an existing troop and a nutritional study. I have to admit that I am feeling slightly homesick, or more just missing everyone back home. I love being here and look forward to work everyday. I feel completely in my element and am still amazed with how easy it is for me to be myself and how well every one accepts who I am; dorkiness and clumsiness included. I wish there was way to bring everyone out here so I could see you all again. Leaving this place, the animals and some of the other amazing volunteers is going to be one of the hardest things I think I have ever had to do. It would be nice to say that we will see each other again, and I know that it is always a possibility and there are some plans in the making but never a guarantee. Some of these people have become a big part of my life here and whatever happens there will always be a special place in my heart for them.

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