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It certainly knows how to rain over the last 24 to 48 hours. We must have had at least 2 inches of rain and the wind has been quite strong. Saw on the TV that the storm had brought down trees.

Found we had a small leak on the bedroom slide-out but this time on the otherside to where we had the problem. On investigation we found there was a hole and tear in the cornerof the rubber. Tony has done a tempory repair but will need to get that sorted in the next couple of weeks.

Over the last few weeks we had noticed that although bright Jenny's lymph nodes in her neck were very enlarged and we also thought she had lost weight. She also needed to get her thyroid level re-checked to make sure the tablets were working so on Wednesday we took her to the local vet here in Waterloo. The vet was not happy with her as yes her lymph nodes were very large and she had lost several kilos. The vet recommended some x-rays and a sample aspirant of her nodes to see what was going on.

Only did the x-rays today as found she has a massive growth on her spleen, with strong indications that it is cancerous. The growth is the size of a tea plate and is so large it is starting to compress the intestines, stomach and lungs. The growth is in the rib cage and so was not detectable from an external examination. Indications are that her lymph nodes are cancerous as well. They think at the most she will have six weeks but she is a walking miracle. As the vet said in her 12 years of practice she had never seen a Golden Retriever her age 16 years old on the 14 November. The vet stated that she

she could go down hill overnight if the spleen and growth rupture resulting in internal bleeding.

At the moment she is not stressed or in pain, is eating well, infact bouncing and still enjoying life so we will take each day at a time. She will tell us when it is time to go.

We intend to take her to either Lake Ontario, Erie or Huron so she can have one last run along a beach and paddle in a lake which she loves. She can now have all the toast she wants along with plenty of cuddles.

We feel sad but she has had a long and happy life.

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