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Sunrise in Rock Springs, Wyoming

Sunrise in Rock Springs, Wyoming

This morning we awoke just before sunrise and as the coffee was brewing Ross decided to take the photos included with this update. Certainly nothing spectacular but what do expect at that time in the morning.

We left Rock Springs, Wyoming around 0830 headed for Salt Lake City, Utah. The weather was beautiful with cool temperatures, bright sun, and not a cloud in the sky. The temperature was cool but much warmer, 44 degrees, than the 27 degrees we experienced yesterday in Cheyenne. The wind was pretty brisk for awhile during the night but by morning the wind had disappeared.

About thirty minutes into the days run Marge walked back to the bathroom and noticed that the refrigerator was beeping and flashing an alarm code "nF". A mile later we stopped at a Rest Stop and Ross got out the owners manual for the refrigerator. The "nF" code means no propane but we knew the propane tank was at least 70% full. Ross went outside and pulled the panel off hoping to find some simple cure for the problem but to no avail. Ross then got back in the motorhome and on a hunch he turned the power to the refrigerator "Off" for about 30 seconds and then turned the power back "On" and "Bingo" the refrigerator started working. We then continued on our journey.

Two hours later we were descending into Park City, Utah when the motorhome's "Check Engine" light came "On". All of the gauges we normal but within a mile or so Ross pulled to the side of the road to see it he could find an obvious problem. The first thing Ross did was open the engine hatch and sure enough the engine was still there. What a relief! Next he checked the oil and coolant levels which were normal. Ross had shut the engine down when he stopped and when nothing obvious was found he restarted the engine and the code had cleared. We proceeded to Salt Lake City with no further incident and after getting setup at the campground Ross got on the telephone with Cummins, the engine manufacturer.

The service tech asked several questions and then reviewed three scenarios that could have caused the fault and he said since the code had cleared that he didn't feel we needed to go to a Cummins dealership to have the engine checked with the Cummins computer since the dealer would charge to connect the computer and tell us, "Yes the code has been cleared." The service tech also said the problem could easily have been an engine computer "burp" that may never happen again and unless the fault continues to occur we should not worry about it. We will try and not worry about, but we still have 800 miles of some very lonely road to cover before we get home.

The engine code aside, the decent from Evanston, Wyoming into Salt Lake City was a very pretty drive. The fall colors are in full bloom and while the colors are not the bright reds of the maple trees of New England these were beautiful in their own right.

That is all for now,

Ross & Marge

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