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Today's adventrue

We just followed the yellow brick road ...

... to Dorothy's house.

Our guide showed us Dorothy's bedroom, ...

... the living room, and ...

... the kitchen. All the rooms were nicely decorated like they would...

Here are a few photos taken while on our tour of the...




My favorite, the Tin Man!




We even saw Toto running around.


The last room was full of memorabilia. This model house was the...


We agree with Dorothy - that's why we are always home!

(Ron Writing) This morning we did some shopping at Sam’s and then headed south on US-83 to Liberal, KS.

The author of The Wizard of Oz was never specific about where in Kansas that Dorothy was from but the city of Liberal decided to “adopt” her. Today we toured Dorothy’s house and the adjacent museum with all the characters and a few key scenes depicting the story. It’s a guided tour that is usually led by a 12 year old girl playing the part of Dorothy but since 12 year old girls are in school at this time of the year, our tour was led by a young lady who did an excellent job getting into the character and narrating the story and singing the songs as we went through the museum.

Dorothy’s house is an actual old house from the turn of the century that is furnished with period furniture and also some of Dorothy’s toys etc.

Weather: Overnight low was 35°, today it was sunny with temperatures in the mid 60’s.

Mileage: Today - 80 miles, cumulative since leaving AZ on 4-6-11 – 13,912 miles.

Gasoline Price: $3.329 at Sam’s Club in Garden City, KS

Tonight’s stop: WMSC parking lot in Liberal, KS.

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