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Day #42, 10-19-11

The sun rises late this time of year in the North West. When it was time to walk Bridget, the sun had just started to filter through the fog shrouded park. Visibility was near zero and I could see figures darting about in the fog just out of clear view! Who or what were they. The Bald guy with an unleashed Rottweiler could be out there and all I have is a short overly-friendly Corgi to protect me! Damn it!

Great, Bridget decided that today was the day for an extra-long walk. Everything smells better when it is wet and soggy, Geese…. Finally we make it back to the motor home, my heart is pounding. I wait inside, in fear, for the fog to clear.

Before moving forward, I forgot to share something with you yesterday. You’ll remember we were in Tillamook Oregon. When we were in the local Fred Meyer store, walking through the frozen food isles, we stopped at one section that had a “top to bottom” by 5 foot wide empty section. We looked closer and found that this was the section for Tillamook Ice cream. They had a run on the store in a Company Town. The plant was ¼ mile down the road! Interesting.

We headed south to the general area of Newport Oregon where the “Oregon Coast Aquarium” is located. It’s really supposed to be something to see. More tomorrow.

As we make it down the coast I came to realize that when Highway 101 was built, when cars could only do 35 mph. What looks like a small distance on map, can be a very long drive. Oregon is a different State, rather than fixing the roads properly, they would rather put up a sign warning you of “rough roads”. This is crazy! And Lazy! What I do know is that Oregon has more than its share of people driving camouflage painted pickup trucks this side of Georgia! What do these people do for a living?? You can’t make a living hunting and fishing, can you?

We made it to Lincoln City, passing a very large harbor at “Low” tide. The water was ¼ to ½ mile out and there were lots of people walking on the sand “clamming”. We found a place to park, but not necessarily get out of. We walked both sides of the street. The town is geared to Ocean related activities and tourism. It is obvious that it is off season, as many stores were closed today. I’m sure that during the summer, the place is hopping.

We had purchased several CD’s for the trip and were never able to find any Johnny Mathis CD’s. We found one in the Fred Meyer store in Tillamook. As we traveled down the road in the cold, overcast weather, and we listened to Johnny (it’s wonderful, wonderful…). The next motor home will have a fireplace! Until then, I will remember to bring my “Yule Log” DVD with me so I can watch a fire on the TV with weather like this. We located a KOA campground a few miles south of the Aquarium that we will visit tomorrow. Given my record with campsites yesterday, I had Barb call ahead. They told her” No Bubba’s here Mam, Just smell Good Plumbers! (It’s an LA thing).

It’s a nice park overlooking a bay and a large bridge. The tide was “way out” when we got here, but starting to come in now.

Its 5:00 now and time to call it a day. This is about 2 hours earlier than normal.

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