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As forecast the temperature in Cheyenne dropped below freezing last night. When we awoke this morning around 0530 the outside temperature was 27 degrees F. Warm for some parts of the country but from where live 27 is down right cold. Ross removed the hose from the hose bib before going to bed last evening and it was a good thing because it is very likely that the hose leading into the motorhome would have frozen and cracked. We did reconnect the hose this morning when got ready to take our showers.

We left Cheyenne about 0830 and headed for Rock Springs, Wyoming where planned on spending the night at the Rock Springs KOA and we arrived here around 1300. We have stayed here previously and it is a nicely maintained facility. There are no trees and the everything is gravel. Grass simply will not survive in this environment and no attempt is made to force the issue. The freeway is about 1/4 mile east of the campground but the noise is not bothersome.

Tonight's weather forecast is for temperatures in the mid to low 30'is but it should not freeze. The heat pumps will likely not work if the temperature is much below 40 degrees so we have to rely on our aqua hot system that uses diesel fuel out of the motorhome fuel tank which in turn heats a boiler fluid that in turn heats water that circulates through radiators and air that is blown through heater ducts to heat and circulate the air in the motorhome.

The weather for today's trip was excellent. The outside temperature was cool but the sun bright and hardly a cloud in the sky. Traffic was light and with only a couple of sections the roadway was good. We saw a good deal of antelope as well as domestic field animals. The country is arid, with brown grass and large areas that appear to be alkaline. We crossed the Continental Divide twice and crossed two passes of 8,610 and 7,000 feet respectively.

Tomorrow we will be heading for Salt Lake City, Utah where we will again again stay at the Salt Lake City KOA. Depending on how well we feel we may spend two and possibly three nights in Salt Lake City. We will cross another pass beteen Rock Springs and Evanston, Wyoming. From Evanston the road begins to descend down into Salt Lake City. Many of grades are six to eight percent and our speed must be kept under tight control because the speed can increase rapidly on those types of downgrades with 40,000 pounds plus pushing you down the grades.

That is all for now,

Ross & Marge

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