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Yesterday, October 18, I (Marilyn) found out that I have Intraductal Carcinoma in my right breast, Grade 3 (meaning "more aggressive").  I accidentally discovered a large lump while undressing last Thursday night and the medical system has worked beautifully to get me through the process of:  1) seeing a gynocologist who sent me immediately  to get 2) mammogram and ultrasound; 3) breast biopsy on Monday with an immediate referral to get an 4) MRI of both breasts.  I don't have the final results of the breast biopsy re: receptors nor the MRI.  We should get those results today.  I've been referred to an oncologist and hope to see her today.  From there we will decide what type of surgery I will require and the course of treatment.

Needless to say, we're functioning on auto-pilot and doing and going where we are told.  This also means that our long awaited and heavily planned trip to Australia and New Zealand is in the process of being cancelled.   Our friends Roger and Louise will continue with the trip as planned and will be our eyes and ears for the trip!

We have set up an update system through the CarePages website to expedite getting updates to everyone en masse.  We are blessed with many wonderful friends and family and it will be impossible to keep people informed individually.

My name in "" will be MarilynGrandLake

RE: trip journal...Louise and Roger may or may not do the trip journal. The journal was mostly to be managed by the Binkleys, but since we're not going....... Louise and Roger will decide what to do re: the journal. If you receive update notices that means there's a trip update by them.

I will continue to monitor the journal from Colorado, so if you wish to be deleted from the Trip Updates send an email via the journal or to me directly at and we will get you deleted.

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