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Closing down Ibiza is exactly what Amanda and I did for almost a solid week in Ibiza which is known for being the biggest party island on the planet. When we booked the trip to Ibiza, Spain I had no idea we were going the last week of the season, which is famous for it's "closing parties." It was a very long day traveling from Stockholm, but luckily being United Gold status we got in all the lounges, so we were able to consume Oktoberfest beverages and sausages in Munich and Amanda and I even got upgraded on the flight! We were thrilled to arrive in Ibiza, which the airport was a complete joke- so we hopped in a taxi as soon as possible. It was evening, so we got everything sorted out at our all-inclusive resort and relaxed. Amanda and I thought it would be wise to get some good sleep the first night then be ready for a BIG second day. In Ibiza, everyone goes out to the club around 2am stays until the sunrises and then sleeps all day and the cycle just repeats and repeats. I have never ever seen such intense night life. The clubs were enormous..too many levels to count and endless space (no pun intended as SPACE is the biggest most famous nightclub in Ibiza) on each level. The best DJs in the world spin at these clubs; however, they do not start playing until at least 4am. Amanda and I spent every day on the beach and went out to the clubs a couple times at night, but we could not rally enough to stay out too late. Drinking during the day while relaxing on the beach does not help that cause either! We had an awesome day celebrating Amanda's birthday on Sep 26th. We also went on a fun catamaran party boat ride. Overall, thoughts on Ibiza...Do not go alone, drugs are everywhere and people try to push them on you, the people are not attractive, the beach is nice but nothing spectacular, and the club scene is unreal. I am pretty sure Amanda and I both needed to sleep for a solid week after this vacation, but I made some of the best memories being in a tropical Spanish island with one of my best mates on the planet!!!

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