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We awoke this morning to an outside temperature of 38 degrees and clear sky. We watched the weather report and learned that we would be hit with moderate winds from the west beginning mid morning. We hit the road at 0830 and at 0830 we already had strong winds from the west and they have continued all day.

The sky has been clear with some puffy cumulus clouds but no rain or more importantly no snow. The long range forecast is for continued cold temperatures in the morning and warming to the low 50's or 60's during the day.

The campground we are in is supposed to be a working cattle/bison ranch but at this time of year it looks like the workers, cattle, and bison went some other place because the place is almost deserted. The facility is called the Terry Bison Ranch and it is located off of I25 about 6 miles south of Cheyenne. The sites are all grass and gravel and all are equipped with full hook-ups that includes 50 amp available at all of the RV sites.

Tonight the temperature is predicted to drop to 28 degrees so we will disconnect the water hose and simply use the water in the motorhome tank for our overnight needs.

The road through Iowa, Nebraska, and the first part of Wyoming has been very good for the most part. There is a lot of construction but there have been very few delays. The traffic has been light except for the metropolitan areas and even there the traffic moved at of above the speed limit. The speed limit in Iowa is 70 mph in Nebraska and Wyoming the speed limit is 75 mph. The surprising thing is that all but few of the truckers on the road are traveling at or above the speed limit and the few motorhomes on the road are also traveling well below the 75 mph speed limit.

Our health seems to be improving slightly with each day but both of us continue to have symptoms that just don't seem to go away.

Tomorrow we hope to leave here early and travel to Rock Springs, Wyoming where we will spend the night. Freezing overnight temperatures are likely to follow us for most of the remaining 1400 or so miles we have left before reaching home. These temperatures can be tolerated as long they are not accompanied by rain or snow.

That is all for now,

Ross & Marge

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