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Woke to the sound of my alarm at 06h30 and barely managed to roll myself out of bed. Looked outside and saw rain which was very exciting! 

After a breakfast of peanut butter and toast and a quick bag pack, we said our farewells to Alex as he heads back to catch his flight to Singapore. Was really good to have him and look forward to spending some more time with him, Jo and little Em soon.

We then dropped off Cayde at Heidis moms and headed to waitomo caves for our black water caving!

Once there Colz decided she couldn't do it so Colin took her ticket and she went with heidi on the hardcore guided boat tour where she got to see the glow worms and ooh and aah from the comfort of a dry seat!!!!

Colin and I went along and got given our full wetsuits, booties, half length gumboots, and wetsuit jacket and miners helmet. We got in a bus and drove through to the starting point of our 5hour journey. 

Once at the start ( a 38m abseil down a shaft into the caves) we had a little bit of practice abseiling on a course before beginning. There were 4 of us South Africans, an Irishman and 3 Americans plus our 2 guides. 

We started with the abseil, (awesome), had quite a narrow section so worried that colin wouldnt fit :). After walking through a few narrow crevices we got onto a zip line (flying fox), which took us down to the rocks above the water into pitch black. We had a cup of hot chocolate and a crunchie before getting given our tubes. I then got to go first and jump down into the water. Sooooooooo Coooooooooold!!!!!!!!! Ice water creeping into the top of the wetsuit! Once in the water we pulled ourselves up river with a rope and then once a couple 100m up river we all linked and then began to float with lights off down through the caves. We got to see the glow worms which was amazing. Kind of like seeing the stars in the berg where it's clear but 10 m away! After a while we ditched the tubes and got to walk swim float down the river. After a slide over a mini falls we stopped for some hot orange juice  and chocolate. We then had to take a photo where we put our plastic colored cup over our lights and write a letter each which when captured on a specific setting caught all of them together to spell a word. We were asked to come up with an 8 letter word which would capture our trip. No one had anything so has a joke with the other saffas I said poes koud!  so that's what we did. We were killing ourselves laughing as the Americans were saying what's that mean. We just said very cold. They all bought the photos after so can't wait for them to show south african mates! :)

After taking a picture we then headed up wards towards the exit where we had to climb up 3 waterfalls and through very narrow passages scrambling on all fours. Amazing. Can't imagine what possessed the first people to do this." Oh this looks like a river running into a big dark hole underground, let's go down!!"

It was a great trip and we really loved it but it was a good thing Colz had backed out as she would have puckered the poepol down there. 

After we finished and had a bagel and cup of tomato soup as part of the tour, the girls came to pick us up. We went into town for coffee and were planning to walk around the town of cambridge but it started to pour with rain and then a little bit of hail. It lasted only 10 min but we instead went for a drive down to the river and around. This place is really beautiful and by this time the weather was good again. There are some amazing houses by the river and this is the first time I have seen a place that I cow ld consider living in other than RSA.

We ended the day by making worse rolls and mash and corn. Really good as it was RSA wors made by a local expat from SA. Cayde is loving the camper van so played in it with him for a while before getting started on updating the blog as due to the volume of stuff we have done I am 4 days behind.

Hope you enjoyed it and will try not fall down again on the blog. I know how you need your fix.

Missing home at the moment but busy days keeping us from thinking about it.

Miss the maxi minster and Bruno boy!

Love to all, 


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