Continuing Adventures 2007 + travel blog

Four different days...




The channel to their boat house

Neighbors weeping willow..


Back yard

Probably the most striking flowers I've seen! Had to bring them home!

Hear the duet?? "I'll get you!!"

We're having a great time getting to see the grandkids this much! Zach is between sports so he and/or his friends are here a lot.... Janaya (Bird) is here more now, too. Grandmas are some of the happiest people in the world! ^_^

Weather is getting cooler but it's still sunny so can't complain. P has finished the electric jobs and I have cooked the freezer full so we're just relaxing. Sister Marge won't be home the weekend we planned to go through Indy so we're looking at a straight shot down this time.. see what we come up with ?? That's half the fun!

I was complaining about how cold the trailer was at night when it was windy and cool... so I finally remembered the insulating pads for the ceiling vent/fans... (duh) Now we're back to being toasty again.

Our three furkids are having a grand time playing with their 'cousins', Oreo & Boomer. Only problem is that Brandi thinks that little fluffy Boomer is a windup dog toy! He doesn't appreciate that! ha

Blessings to all!! Hope you're having fun whatever you're doing.....

Love to all.... P & E

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