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A white moth from Madison County hanging on until the next window...


The mysterious drawer.

It's not like the Oregon coastline, but the best I can do...

Iowa cornfield

We are on the home stretch now, and I'm afraid we've seen the last of the spectacular scenery. Today was all about corn fields, corn fields, and more corn fields.

So due to the lack of gorgeous photos to titillate your visual senses, I will share with you a true story of a very pathetic person. Last night Dan was looking for his pocket knife, which suddenly disappeared only a few minutes after he had been using it. After I went to bed, he commenced an exhaustive search for the missing pocket knife, which included looking under the sofa. He didn't find the pocket knife, but he did find a nail file that I lost on our first trip in BART. This morning I noticed the nail file on the counter and was pleasantly surprised that he had found it after all this time. Then he asked me, "Did you know there is a drawer under the sofa?" Well, I never realized there was a drawer under the sofa. There is a black handle, which we both thought was for the purpose of pulling the sofa out to make it into a bed. So I opened the drawer, and in it is a blanket and set of sheets, brand new in unopened packages, from Walmart (Mainstays - their brand). We looked at each other and laughed hysterically because after two years neither of us knew that this drawer was there, and the previous owner must have forgotten to check the contents before selling the motorhome. This is the third compartment we have found on this trip that we weren't aware of before we left home - a drawer under the refrigerator and a cabinet in the bedroom that I thought was part of the hidden control panel, but is actually an empty storage cabinet. After laughing for quite some time, I started thinking, "Wait a minute, did I REALLY not know that drawer was under the sofa, or do I just not remember?" Walmart has been my main source of provisions for BART from day one, and did I buy the blanket and sheets a long time ago and just forget about them - out of sight, out of mind? So, at the time of this writing, the fact remains - I am one pathetic person who truly does NOT remember if I knew there was a drawer, or if I bought things to put in it.

Epilogue: After a thorough search of BART, Dan FINALLY located his missing pocket knife in, of all places, his pocket! It had slipped into that little pocket thingy that is tucked inside the right pocket of Levi's. (Have we heard a similar story before - missing iPod back in July?)

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