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Nice big snake that was crossing the road... had a real good...

More rainforest.. YAY

Really cool catterpillar that crawled in the van above our heads when...


Waking up to the call of the birds this morning was fantastic. We completed the short 15 minute hike through the rainforest and continued on our way. We took a side road through the forest and coming around a bend we had to come to a sudden stop, sunning himself in the sun on the road was a beautiful tiger snake. We watched him go into the ditch and come back out to cross the road in front of us. Jason captured some pretty nice shots of him. Their coloring is amazing, black with tan stripes running along its sides. and its belly seems a to be a tone between soft orange and red. His tail seemed to have a few large lumps in it, not sure what that was. Now that it is mid spring here we are starting to see a lot more snakes on the move.

Along the way, we decided to do another hike, the McKenzie River Rainforest Walk. This was another easy 1km hike through more rainforest... I don't think we'll ever get tired of rainforest.. it's just beautiful! We also got to see some more Kookaburras and hear one give the best monkey laugh call we've heard yet.

From here, we made our way through the towns of Club Terrace and Cann River, and then on to cross the Victoria-New South Whales divider line. Shortly after the line crossing, we stopped in at a beautiful rest area called white rock, in south east forests national park. We worked out, had supper, and have decided to spend the night. We're hoping to see a platypus or water dragon lizard, as both inhabit the area.

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