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This has been an eventful few days!! Our first night in Wanganui was another experience we won't forget in a hurry!! Although we may try to! After visiting the i Site (toursit information) we discovered that Gemma had found us a cheap place to stay in a fairly run down part of town with lots of derilict houses etc. We had to stay there as the owner is known for taking money even if the guests phone up and cancel. So we had to bite the bullett and stay there.

We had a choice of rooms ranging from a normal room to the honeymoon room and the millionaires room with a 7.5 foot fun bed!! We chose the normal room. The honeymoon was really tacky and cheesey with 'I love you' pillows and fake red roses. We also had to use our own bedding because the bedding on the bed was filthy. Rest of the place was fine and clean, just the bed.

We then went and found somewhere else to stay for the next 2 nights. Which was much nicer and he gave us the best room they had which over looked the river.

The owner of the Tamara Lodge later told us after our night in the other place, that it was a knocking shop and people go there and pay for a room by the hour!!! The toen have been trying to get him to stop advertising as a motel and backpackers!!

Wanganui is a nice town. Got some things sorted and the car went back in the garage again as having further problems. Bit down in the dumps about the car and ended up drinking a nice bottle of wine that night. Next day the car cost us $180 and it had had a by-pass which will hopefully have solved the problem.

While there we did lots of walking around. Went up one of the worlds only lifts that starts inside the hillside. It is a Victorian lift where you walk through a tunnel to the left into the hillside. This is how many of the locals who live at the top of the hill get to work. There is then a tower you can go up that over looks the town and you can see two mountains north and south of the town.

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