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Nascar 25/09/11

Lines in the desert.

We got a private tour from Huacachina to Nazca, which visited the museum of the German lady that rediscovered the Nazca and Inca Lines. She used to sweep the lines all day and night with a broom, and the locals used to call her a witch. She was very poor, lived in a one room house with all of her measuring equipment and used to be funded by her sister who was still living in Germany. Next we got to visit the Mirador, a tower that over looked a few of the figures and a few of the Inca Lines. The Inca Lines are the most recent, they are only 500 years old, and consist of geometric straight lines that stretch many km into the desert. The Nazca Lines are older at 1500years old, and consist of figures such as a tree and a lizard. The lines are kept clear nowadays by petrol powered leaf blowers.

After that it was onto Nazca town to see a potter that was making pottery in the old way, without a potter’s wheel, just turning the clay by hand. Next we went to see the water source of the Nazca, they were spiral wells that went down into the ground to an underground river that flows no matter what season it is.

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