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We finished up at HWH around 1100 and we drove all of about 48 miles from Moscow, Iowa to Amana Iowa. We are both so exhausted from the past three days of driving and in addition to fighting our colds we are spending the remainder of today in the campground in Amana and sequestering our selves inside the motorhome.

Tomorrow morning we will very likely get a late start and then drive to Des Moines where will spend the weekend visiting our friends.

Last night was spent at the HWH campground at the factory and we had a thunderstorm display and some very heavy rain. The plant opens at 0700 and we had to be early this morning to be ready at 0700. At the time we were getting ready to move from our parking spot to the shop it began raining again and it looked as if the remainder of the day was going to wet again. However around 0900 the sky began to clear and the sun came out. Along with the sun came lower temperatures and very brisk wind. The forecast seems to indicate the winds are going top get even higher as the week progresses so tomorrows drive might be very tiring as we fight the winds.

The drive from Moscow to Amana was very windy with the wind coming out of west giving us a stiff headwind and increased fuel consumption. Once we turned to the north for Amana it really got to be a problem as the wind was now a direct crosswind and the gusts certainly moved the rig as we were driving.

That is all for now,

Ross & Marge

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