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Calcutta is like some of the other major cities in India. Plenty of traffic, noise, and people. However it wasn't nearly as bad as we thought it would be. The streets are dirtier here than in Mumbai and the people are a wee bit more aggressive with panhandling. What we did notice that on the same street where the more well to do folks went to the more up-market restaurants, there were people sleeping or cooking their dinner over small fires on the street just a few feet away.

It was raining pretty hard for most of the day today and there was a general strike affecting all major transport on the roads (busses, cabs, auto rickshaws, lorries) in protest of the recent gas price hike by the government. So we hung around Chowringhee and got to know the area a bit better.

We eventually found ourselves outside of Mother Theresa's Missionaries of Charity Motherhouse where all the sisters live. Inside was a chapel, where Mother Theresa's tomb is in marble. Along the walls of the small chapel were scrapbook pages that chronicalled her life from when she found her calling to the final hours of her life.

She was one extraordinary woman.

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