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(Ron Writing) Yesterday we attended worship service at the Luctor Christian Reformed Church. It’s a country church about 15 miles from Phillipsburg founded in 1885 by the many Dutch immigrant farmers in the immediate area. My great grandparents and grandparents all attended this church and are buried in the nearby cemetery. My parents both attended the church until they moved to Iowa shortly before I was born. The congregation was much larger when this area was covered with small family farms. Now the farms are all very large and there are far fewer farm families so the congregation is much smaller. Many of the members drive to the church from the surrounding towns.

It rained yesterday until mid-afternoon but today it was mostly sunny and very pleasant. We got together with two of my cousins and their wives this morning and later enjoyed lunch together at a local restaurant. This afternoon we took care of our laundry chores and later went over to where my aunt lives and had another nice visit with here.

Weather: Overnight low was 42°, Yesterday it was rainy and stayed down in the mid 50’s. Today it got up in the mid 70’s again.

Tonight’s stop: The Phillipsburg, KS City Park Campground.

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