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We drove for about 5 hours today to start heading south. There's big stretches of nothing between sites on this coast. You pass huge cattle stations or mining areas with no small towns like you get in the east coast. We arrived at Cape Keraudren which was a remote camp site on the coast. The crystal blue water was inviting but the tide was so low that you had to walk for about 20mins to reach it. 

We were walking over the flat sea bed toward the distant water and it looked like a barren lifeless moonscape. But slowly as we looked more closely there was life everywhere. Small sea snails slid slowly around our feet as little hermit crabs scuttled busily past on their way to their busyness. 

As we got closer to the ocean, small pools of trapped crystal clear sea water were appearing and the sand was getting softer and we were sinking as though we were in quicksand! Thankfully the quicksand only sucked us up to our ankles so we were able to slowly trudge forward. 

We eventually came to a large pool just before the ocean and we decided this was the best place for the kids to have a swim. We were looking at some weird condom like creature protruding out of the sand and swaying in the water when Stace screamed and ran and said she felt something at her feet! We don't know what it was but shortly after I saw a blue spotted stingray cruising over to us for a closer look. It was beautiful and I followed it for a while and only just saw a much larger one buried in the sand before I trod on it. He looked at me with an annoyed look and hovered off a couple of meters away and settled down again. On my way back to the kids we saw a small shadowy creature edging toward us. It was a crab! He was up for a  fight and Stace was shouting "catch us some dinner" and the kids were jumping up and down as Daddy was preparing for a fight to the death. The crab was hilarious as he chased me around and I was trying to get behind him to pick him up. The nimble crab was far to agile for me and he crabbed off with an air of victory about him with his claws raised in triumph. 

We slowly headed back to camp and marveled at how much there was to see on a simple walk down the beach. 

The camp site was nice but we are heading to the coral coast via a couple of national parks. More driving tomorrow. 

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