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This morning we got very early start and were rolling by 0715. By 1200 we arrived at the Wolfie's Campground in Zanesville, Ohio. This is the second time we have stayed at this campground and the primary reason was so Marge could go to a Longenberger basket discount store in Dresden, ohio a small town about 18 miles from the campground. She dropped a few bucks at the store and now we have even less room in the truck.

Weather this morning was slightly overcast with patches of fog until around 1000. The fog was primarily in the valleys as crossed the Appalachian mountain range in northwestern Maryland and West Virginia and southwestern Pennsylvania. Although the fog was not thick is was still more fog than Ross wanted to be driving through. The roads have been pretty good throughout most of Maryland, West Virginia, but degraded some in Pennsylvania and Ohio. Although the further west we got into Ohio the road began to improve. It is obvious that large portions of the roads are new and there were several areas where construction and repaving were being done.

New Jersey was where we first encountered stink bugs on this trip and we have been fighting them ever since. The bugs are not native and they have no natural enemies other than man and man has yet to develop any good type insecticide that will kill the darn things on contact or repel the bugs from your surroundings. We have closed our windows because we have caught them squeezing in through the bug stopper between the screen and the sliding window. Here in Zanesville we have encountered another bug that we mistook for a Lady bug until one of them bit Ross on the arm. From now on these will be treated like any other biting bug, squash.

Ross made an appointment with the leveling jacks manufacturer, HWH, in Moscow, Iowa for Thursday morning at 0700. At least one of the jack cylinders is making a very strange noise every time we level the motorhome and Ross wants the entire system checked because when the motorhome is automatically leveled a few hours afterward the motorhome seems to be rocking and not as solidly held in place as it should be. As a result we have two days of moderately hard driving so we can be at the factory service center on time. HWH has several free campsites with full hookups available for service customers.

That is all for today,

Ross & Marge

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