Northeast and Maritime Canada 2011 travel blog

This Makes The Drives Better--Great Fall Colors

It was only 70 miles to Louisville from Cave City. Very nice. Tree colors were wonderful along the Interstate. We got to the campground--in Eastern Time Zone--at lunch. While we were setting up, we found a nest of ants in the leveling blocks--threw them out of the RV and got out the insect spray. DEAD ANTS!! Next we decided to clean out the front basement--so after lunch--took out everything--vacuumed the carpet--sprayed the carpet for bugs--reloaded the stuff. A lot cleaner and we needed to do this job. It is amazing that after 5 years of RVing, these are the first insects we have had in the RV. We think we got them in Charlottesville, VA, where it was very humid and wet. Bugs everywhere. We think we got them all out.

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