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This one's called Rosalie

Glenda and Rosalie

Ditto Rosalie

The Casino

Bridge to Vidalia, LA

The Grand Hotel




Stanton Hall




Dr. Somebody's Townhouse & Glenda

More Stanton Hall



River Trail

Looking up river...

and down river.


I wonder if they take the stuff in when it rains,

Splayed out riverboat

Looking at Natchez from Vidalia

Can you say this name right? Answer tomorrow.

We drove around Natchez for a couple of hours in the morning to see the antebellum homes and view of the Mississippi River. There are at least 20 homes on the tour here and people come just to do that. I think I would die if I had to tour the inside of all those homes, but I do like to look at the setting and architecture of the outside of some of them. Do you know what antebellum means? I didn't so I looked it up...answer below. They have a gambling casino here on a river boat, but oddly enough, just one, and it's kind of small. So it's a touristy little town on the big river with a big visitor's center.

We then crossed the bridge to Vidalia, Loisiana. To the best of my knowledge, what Vidalia has to offer is a view across the river of Natchez. I don't think the onions come from there, I think that's Vidalia, Georgia. There's a visitor's center over in Vidalia too. We stopped in to get the free map of Louisiana and free advice, some good, some bad. The bad advice was to take Rt. 84 all the way into Natichitoches, which resulted in being caught in downtown traffic along the river, and we ended up staying there for the night on the outskirts of town. I would have gone a different way which would have bypassed N-toches and probably made it to Lufkin, Texas that night. Then we would have made it to Austin the next day. Instead, I'm sitting here writing this, 100 miles short of Austin and we lost a day, because today was a washout.

The good advice was that there was a town beginning with a Z for our ABC's, just a short side trip off our route, so we went about 20 miles out of the way and got a picture of Zwolle, LA. When we got to N-toches, we stayed at a run-down Quality Inn because for some reason the Comfort and the Best Western there seem to think they can be expensive...not sure why...maybe because it's a college town? There was no place to eat within walking distance of any of the motels. We prefer not to ride to dinner if we can help it (can't drink, can't wear shorts, lose the parking spot in front of the room, etc.)

Just when we thought we were really unhappy about our situation, we had a great dinner. We rode a few miles to a little restaurant on a lake called Almost Home because the paper I read in the room said they had a seafood special on Friday nights. Turns out it was a country place that the locals go to and the seafood special was a catfish buffet. You could get a fried whole one or fried pieces, with hushpuppies, corn fritters, rice and beans, good cole slaw (80% of all cole slaw isn't that good, this was), rolls, salad, fries, and iced tea or diet coke, for $13pp. The only thing extra was dessert, blackberry or peach cobbler, or for me...cocanut cream pie! We had a view of the sunset on the lake and saw an alligator, too. First we thought it was just a log, but after a few minutes it disppeared. The people there said there ARE gators in the lake.

Did you look up "antebellum?" It means, literally, pre-war. In the US it usually means pre-Civil War. I think it just means OLD house.

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