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Playing on the Plage de Pampelonne

Janna carrying a wave

On the wharf overlooking Gulfe de Saint-Tropez

Tom on the rocks

View of the gulf over the roofs of Saint-Tropez

An impossible density of sailboats - a regatta in the gulf

To close out September and welcome October we dashed off to Saint-Tropez, which sits on a small peninsula and is surrounded by sandy beaches and warm waters. On Friday we drove straight for 9 km long Plage de Pampelonne which had big waves. We parked and headed for the beach only to realize we had popped out onto a naturist beach (swimsuits prohibited)! Asking Janna and Carmen to hold their questions, we scooted across the sand quickly to a more swimsuit-tolerant beach down the way! This beach had the first big waves Janna and Carmen had encountered and they had a good time figuring them out. After a few hours, we went in search of our hotel across the gulf from Saint-Tropez, and discovered that we had a full kitchen in our room and there was a tiny market on the hotel grounds. They had wine, pasta and sauce, cheese and bread for dinner and coffee and cereal for breakfast. We felt like we had found a bit of heaven. We had dinner on our balcony, watched a bit of French dubbed TV and fell happily asleep. We had not yet actually gotten into the town of Saint-Tropez.

On Saturday morning we wanted to visit Saint-Tropez itself. It turns out it was market day and as we sat in a line of traffic, I read in the guidebook where it said that those that have misbehaved in life are made to drive to Saint-Tropez on market day. Ahh, the joy of sneaking into some cute little village with 10,000 of your closest friends. We found some souvenirs at the market, visited the port, watched the sailboats begin a regatta, and wandered the streets. But the beach called us back and we spent the rest of the day lazing on the beach and building an elaborate sand castle, complete with moat and 3 layers of seawalls. It felt pretty decadent to be sun-soaked on the beach on October 1.

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