Retirement Rocks!! travel blog

1st step-CLEAN

Clean everything

prep means replanting also

then it's break time!!

getting close

Today was all about starting the decorating. Only exciting thing to happen all day was a totally flat tire on the trailer (which couldn't be fixed since Bob couldn't get the tire off). We slaved all day sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping walls, floors and ceilings. Did not clean windows yet, but still have a few days. Martha spent most of the day in the various gardens, pulling dead stuff, transplanting live stuff and watering it all. Mid afternoon we took a short lunch break then slaved some more. About 6 pm we took a much needed "wine cruise" around the lake, then we slaved some more. It's finally looking like a banquet hall being prepared for a wedding reception. Tomorrow there will be more of the same!

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