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(Ron Writing) This part of Kansas has been pretty dry lately and the farmers were hoping for rain. Last night they got rain. We had over one inch here in Phillipsburg and nearby areas had over 5 inches. We had showers much of the morning but most of the heavy rain occurred during the night when we awoke several time to the sound of nearby thunder.

This morning we met two of my cousins for breakfast at a restaurant in town and then went over to visit my 93 year old aunt who just recently moved into a care facility. One of those cousins lives here and the other was visiting from Denver so it was great that we just happened to meet here.

At about noon we went over to another cousin's house for a visit and then out for lunch. After lunch my cousin and his wife took us on a nice tour of some of the nearby towns and the land they farm. They have lived in this area all their lives so we get a lot of “history lessons” during the tour.

This evening we met those three cousins and two of their spouses for dinner at a local restaurant and for another very nice visit. It was a great ending to a fun day.

Weather: Overnight low was 60°, today it was cloudy and rainy with highs in the low 60’s.

Tonight’s stop: The Phillipsburg, KS City Park Campground.

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