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Lammie tries to make round chapattis

Niiigel doing a fine job in the kitchen


Worker at the Ayervedic medicine warehouse

Fisherman tries his luck

No luck

We started the morning off with a Keralan cooking class given by the lady of the house --Flowery. She was great fun. Most of the South Indian dishes contain coconut milk or cream. We made vegetable molee (a sort of veg stew in coconut milk and coconut cream), cabbage and carrot thoran, dahl, and chapattis. Making the chapattis was fun. We got to rollout the dough and cook them. Making them round wasn't as easy as we thought it would be!!! The best part was that we were able to have all of this for lunch! Yummy!!

We rolled out of the house and went on a tour of the area. Along the way, we stopped at an area called Jewtown, which was once home to a fair sized Jewish population. However, now there are only 14. The area had a series of narrow alleyways which were lined with antique shops. Lots of neat things. We imagined 'The Antiques Roadshow' coming here.

We also stopped at the Dutch Palace, which had a number of interesting paintings. One of them depicted the god Vishnu, with each of his 6 hands on the chests of young maidens. In the background, the animals were getting... frisky.

Also stopped at a Hindu temple, went through a produce market and spice shops, and wandered through an ayurvedic medicine wholesaler's place. Back in town, we strolled along the waterfront, watching the men work the Chinese fishing nets. The huge nets were hung on the end of a long arm that was counterbalanced by weights. The nets were brought back up and pulling the arm back down. It took 4 men to bring the net up.

To round off the evening, we watched a Keralan martial arts demo. We met up with Frederick and Noella, who we had bumped into again, for some traditional South Indian music. It was very mellow.

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