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Shell church

First time stuck

If only we saw the sign earlier

Camping at Quondong

Collecting crabs

Prices point


We are back from 2 days of beach camping, and this is the first opportunity we have had to update the journal. After leaving the beautiful Cape Leveque, we travelled only about 150km south to do some free camping on the beach. Quondong point is just the next one around from Prices Point, where the protest against Woodside's gas hub is taking place.

We made a brief stop at Beagle Bay to see the church with the alter made from shells. Mick and I took turns going in, and when I went in India showed me how daddy had just taught her how to cross herself with the holy water, and she encouraged me to do the same!  

Arriving at Quondong, our biggest decision was which awesome beachside spot was the best, taking in to consideration shade and number of steps to the sand. Mick just wanted to look at little closer at one particularly sandy spot, when all of a sudden, tyres were spinning and car not moving- shit! At this point, being pregnant was a bonus, I stayed in a/c car, while Mick dug us out. It took 3 attempts, but eventually we were free. At least Mick was able to laugh when I pointed out the sign lying in the grass which read "no vehicles past this point"!

We chose the next spot we came across and got ready for some beach time. We marveled at how we didn't need to pay to camp here, and wonder if there are spots like that on the NSW coast? As beautiful as it was, I was little freaked out at the beach because of the jelly blubbers. Mick and the kids were doing some fishing about ankle deep while I stood a few feet behind the washed up jellies. Only when India swung her rod around and got the hook caught in Paddy's hair did I get over my fear and run in to save the day. A short time later, I saw Mick pulling back his fishing rod, and India dancing around him with excitement, only to find out later, it was "the fish that got away" and it was huge!

Mick started a fire with the wood he had gathered earlier, when all of a sudden a woman pops over to our campsite and says that despite it being against camp etiquette , could she have a little bit of our firewood. Mick was quite shocked, but when she offered some Riesling from her parents vineyard, I was asking her to stay for dinner!! Riesling and cheese jaffles- yum!

Next morning Mick was up early to start a fire, we needed to eat some meat today in case both fridge and freezer ran out of batteries. Sausages for breakfast, chicken and noodles for lunch and beef casserole for dinner.

 It was about now that we also realized that out of a possible capacity of  100 litres of water, we only had 20 left. We hadn't even thought about it before heading off camping to a place with no water. Adding to our problem, we had used half of that the previous day to fill up the toilet and solar shower. 

Forgetting our troubles, we went for an early swim (no jellies this morning), and relaxed while India began collecting, what would become, a bucket of crabs. She loved them, named them and even wrapped some in a towel for a sleep. Paddy tagged along, but only had one crab in his bucket, which India had caught for him. 

After a drive to the nearby Prices point, the afternoon was a lazy one. Some rock walking, swimming, fishing and eating. It was lovely to be able to sit up at camp, and see the kids while they played on the beach by themselves. 

Only I was allowed a rinse with the fresh water shower, and our dishes were washed in sea water - this baby will have awesome immunity. The fridge and freezer were hanging on for dear life, the temperature on each climbing as the hours past. Oh well, we would be forced to return to power and water tomorrow.  Solar panels are the only way to really be able to stay any longer at these free camps- maybe next trip. 


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