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The Texas speed limit was a surprise

RV and "pyramid" at our lunch stop

Our road in from the west (Interstate 10); desolate and barren

Remember the unnamed formation from Carlsbad Caverns - well here is the...

Our drive today was on mostly desert. The first 100 miles was on a 2 lane road. The cars and trucks who caught up to us were driving about 15 to 20 mph faster than the RV. Luckily, the road was mostly straight and level, the traffic was very light, and we were passed easily without any close calls. The first thing we noted when we hit Texas was the new and improved speed limit - see one of the pictures. At Flying J Travel Plaza we got our first propane fill-up on this trip and then had to reposition for our umpteenth diesel stop. We passed through Pecos but didn't see Bill (Pecos Bill used to be well known). There was a large sign proclaiming Pecos as the site of the first rodeo. Once we reached Interstate 10, it seemed like we could coast home. Too bad the interstate through Texas just goes on and on and on. Boring ..... We stopped at an interstate picnic area, which is different from rest areas. The picnic areas are very simple with a paved area and a couple of tables. No bathrooms. Perfect for us. Once we hit the Texas Hill Country, the scenery was a bit better. It was amazing how many dead animals were on the side of the road; mostly deer. We also saw a large coyote (live and apparently well fed). Today was a long driving day with 335 miles, a fuel stop and losing an hour with the time zone change. The RV park was a welcome change with a short 1/2 mile drive off the interstate, a manager meeting us as we drove up to the office and saying we were already registered and to follow him. We did and were situated within minutes of arriving. We left the car hooked up for an easy departure tomorrow. They're predicting heavy rain tonight and all weekend with maybe 5 inches in areas. We're hoping to beat the main storm and maybe drive away from the heavy stuff.

Here's Bob Interstate Trivia quiz for anyone interested in playing. We'll publish the answers in our next day update.

1. What is the longest Interstate in America?

2. Within a single state, what is the longest Interstate?

3. What is the longest Interstate in Florida?

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