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We had a bit of a late start today to give us a chance for a catch-up (I think it was mainly cos the skipper wanted to party with the other Gap group) and it is a reasonably short sail to Kithnos. I slept until 8.27...unreal for me.

The seas were a bit choppier so it was out with the spray jackets...I'm glad I bought them as we've used them twice now...in the storm and today. It was a fun sail and yes, we did have the sail up most of the time. We arrived in port late morning and then it was decisions, decisions...do we eat, have a drink, check out the hot springs.

We headed down to the hot springs....the water flows from somewhere further inland into the sea. The locals have built a couple of channels that end up in the sea. The water is very hot. I started to walk in it...it was okay for the first step but by the second, it was so hot I had to get out. The locals have built a small rock wall in the sea to hold the water so it's possible to swim in the sea or there are private hot springs you can the in. I followed the channel to see if I could work out where it came from but lost track of it when I got to a church.

We spent another lazy day. I did some sewing on Georgia's quilt much to everyone's amusement. I will send them a photo when it's finished so they can appreciate what I was up to.

Dinner tonight was at a local restaurant where we could go into the kitchen to choose what we wanted to eat. The food was okay...not the best we've had along the way though and the red wi e was the worst I have ever tasted. I ordered white wine and it was very nice but the red was horrible. As we left the restaurant, the owner and his son were washing out a barrel and said they were making wine for the next day....that might have explained something.

The weather has been glorious...we have been very fortunate.

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