scott's track around the us travel blog

when the job starts to wind down, the night crew is sent home first,

then they cut back on the dayshift.

all is well, of course since scott is newest employee on days, he was told to go ahead an plan on finishing his shift

on wednesday, and then heading out.

no problemo, the foreman says he will give scott an excellent report to the boss. wonderful news.

wellllll then before he leaves, there is talk about some parts on the generator that are needing repair, pointed out by our man scott to the foreman.

of course ya know he checks it out, asks scotty boy, "your a machinist aren't you?" calls the boss and then its,"would it hurt your feelings to stay on to see the job through....."

we all know scott is modest, but i am very proud of him that they want him to stay on and "inspect" things.

he found out an interesting bit, the company has their own machinists.

do they make more money? of course they do

do they have to drive from job-to-job? of course they don't-they are flown around and given rental cars!

guess who's happy to be a machinist;) hopefully he could end up in one of those positions over time.

maybe he will finally be paid his worth, we all know what a smart fella he is when it comes to mechanical abilities! coz it sure the hell ain't electrical!

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