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Little bit of paradise

No surf, the board is just for fun

A little bit of belly time!

Cool little man

India is right at home - just looking for a waiter to...

Clothing optional apparently

Wow, what an absolutely stunning place to be! Mick headed off at daybreak to try and catch some fish for dinner. He returned with news of a snagged line and cut feet. I got some meat out of the freezer!

We drove down onto the beach and spent the morning in heaven. Only the pictures can explain, but I can't upload them at the moment, so you will just have to imagine paradise. 

After getting too much sand in her swimmers, India wanted knickers and a dress. When I did my best to create her a dress out of mine, she said she was going back to camp to get knickers, and stormed off in the direction Mick pointed her in (it was about 2km away)! Mick finally chased her down, and we drove back for some lunch and de-sanding ahead of the afternoon beach session. 

We have decided we must comeback here one day to enjoy the awesome shelters you can book right on the beach. Only $65 a night for a beautiful rustic shady shelter- 2nd honeymoon maybe?

We went back to the beach in the afternoon and played until the sun started to set. The kids actually played together for at least half an hour without any parental guidance- awesome. Our little man has really grown up in the last few weeks and has so much more confidence.

Back at the trailer, Paddy played with his Italian mate, Lorenzo. They can't talk to each other, but they let their trains and cars do their talking! India retreated to the trailer for some "girl time". After dinner, the kids were allowed a DVD, and we relaxed. 

The only downside to this gorgeous  place is the red dirt.  I tried to get as much of it off before bed as possible, but we all look like we have bad fake tan on us and the beds are as far from the crisp white sheets of a hotel as you can imagine. 

With kids asleep, time for beer and wine. Twice frozen cask wine for me- Mick wanted to throw it in the bin, but I was sure it wasn't off - white wine is usually cloudy with sediment right?


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