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After a miserable night of mostly non-sleep, we were up a bit after 4:00 AM.

The bed was more firm than I have become accustomed to and the pillows were horrible. My back ached all night and I mostly just tossed and turned until I heard Marilyn ask from the other bed, “What time is it?”

I jumped, or rather climbed, into the shower and soon felt awake enough to get dressed.

Marilyn fixed coffee in the room and we sipped that, trying to feel better. It worked somewhat.

We boarded the shuttle to the airport and were soon trying to check in for our flight to JFK in New York.

My smoke stained passport didn’t scan very easily but it finally made it and we checked our one bag each.

Out of curiosity we asked the ticket agent what the weight of our bags was and she told us that Marilyn’s bag was under 40# while mine was only 41#. Great!

Marilyn says that now we can bring lots of “things” home with us.

The security check was, as usual, a nuisance, but we were soon sitting in the waiting area for our flight, eating a pastry and sipping another hot cup of coffee.

“People watching” at the airport is an interesting activity.

Most sit with their heads buried in a book, newspaper or magazine, while others tend to crying children, make cell phone calls, text messages, or do like us and simply watch the activity.

Our flight out of St Louis was a bit late due to a mechanical issue and they ended up bringing another aircraft from a hangar.

That made for a tight connection in DC, but we made it and so did our luggage, even though we had only 40 minutes to change planes and had to ride the train from Terminal A to Terminal D.

In New York it was easy to get our baggage, find the Air Train to Federal Circle and then we waited only about 5 minutes for the shuttle to our hotel.

Knowing that our friends would be a bit late getting in, plus the fact that the hotel has no restaurant and none are near by, I tried to call Jackie to see if we could order food delivered and have it waiting for them. Well, Jackie’s phone was turned off as they were probably in the air somewhere, and her message box is full and I could not leave a message.

I did manage to contact Linda & Howard but they had not left Louisville yet because of aircraft problems.

We don’t know at this point if they will make their connection in DC, although we are keeping their room and won’t cancel it for now.

So, the adventure begins!

Things are not running smoothly for our friends but we are snug and cozy in our room here in New York.


Tony & Jackie have arrived and are here at the hotel. We have shared hugs, conversation and laughter as promised.

Howard & Linda have immersed themselves in adventure, missing their connection in DC, due to the flight from Louisville being delayed. Now they will arrive at JFK tomorrow morning and we’ll meet them at the International terminal for our flight to Capetown, South Africa.

Tomorrow we all face a 15 hour flight across the ocean, but we’ll be with friends and we’ll be having a good time. At least I hope that is the case.

We’ll let you know.

Life is Good!

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