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Carmen marching up the trail (wearing Kate's hat)

Our first glimpse of the calanque

Tom and the girls

Contemplating the view

A rock fin

Green pines, white cliffs and teal blue water

View from the rocky cove where the girls played in the water

The day after our return from Paris, we all slept in. Tom was the first to wake up at 10:15! After a lazy morning and early afternoon we decided to go explore a hiking trail that leads out of Marseille.

The trail starts on the campus of Aix-Marseille Université Luminy south of Marseille. It doesn't look like much of a trail as you head away from campus - we were heading into a dry pine forest, up a gentle slope. It continued this way for about 45 minutes and gradually there were taller cliffs rising nearby, but the real surprise came when we rounded a bend and suddenly the Mediterranean opened before us with white cliffs on either side. We were heading in Sugiton Calanque. Calanques are steep walled inlets, sort of like fjords, though perhaps not as long. The view was amazing. We made our way down the steep trail to the water level and found a pebbly cove to cool our toes. It was so beautiful and peaceful. Overall we hiked about 4.5 miles and the girls had tremendous stamina for it...I think the surprise view and cool swim in the middle helped them keep their energy up (not the mention the jelly beans appearing at intervals).

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