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Balloon fiesta starts with the National Anthem and this balloon

A View from up high

View of the launch field

Another view of the launch field

Locals love watching the balloons

View of I-25

Exit 232 on I-25 - next stop the landing

Looking up at the propane burners

Approaching the landing spot - Parking lot of a school

Art had his first ever ride in a hot air balloon. I opted to sleep in so I missed out. He said that the most interesting thing about the ride was the silence. Except for the hiss of the propane, everything else was quiet. Here are some of the photos he took during his ride.

Art hereā€¦.

The balloon ride was an interesting experience. It was really difficult to determine how fast (or slow) we were going. I could not determine if another balloon was descending or whether we were ascending! It was a really a smooth, quiet ride. I highly recommend taking one if the opportunity is there.

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