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Hi Everybody,

Well today was a very interesting day as we left behind Mormon Town and stopped at Bear World where we not only had the chance to drive safari like through a field of Black Bears who just strolled up to your car, but the highlight of our visit was the chance to feed some bear cubs.

Although the cubs where only eight months ols, they where quite big and weighed around 90lbs. We where taken into their pens, where the keeper made them sit on a blue crate and then put a bottle in their mouth at which time we where then able to hold the bottle until they had finished. Whilst it was great fun it was also a little scarey as these are bears bears eat meat and of course humans are made of meat if you get my point, so even though they where pretty well behaved it was a bit worrying if they tried to grab your arm or in Greg's case his plums, which of couse would have been funny if he had them ripped off, but only for the rest of us.

From Bear World we headed off through Idaho with Andy at the whell and still a long drive ahead of us, so of course Speed Racer decides to try and travel in light years and hey presto, here come the troopers. Now you have to understand that everybody speeds in this country and I myself even managed to get the dodge up to 111 mph earlier in the trip, but the trick is not to do it in front of the troopers as they tent to take a dim view of 93mph in a 75mph zone. Also remember we are talking miles not like at home a mile is 1.61 kmph so he was going quite fast. So anyway the trooper came up to the car window and ask Andy why he was speeding and Andy used all his high priced education to come up with, now wait for it, I don't know, yep that the best money could buy, but fuck me dead, it worked and the trooper gave our time traveller a warning and sent us on our way.

The rest of the day was pretty un eventful as we travelled on through Idaho and Nevada to Winnemucca where we where spending the night and this place was slightly interesting, I must admit. Only a small town but every second business was a casino and our motel also doubled as a casino although not the classiest one in the World.

So whilst we didn't gamble, we did head down to the restaurant and that was interesting, the waitress was an American Indian and shit she was average looking, even for a 65 year old. She only had about four teeth in her mouth which as Small's said, made it look like her tongue was in jail, but I tell you what as ordinary as ger looks where, the food was worse. Total shit, but then not every meal can be five Matt Heads and this tripe was 5 Moon Heads. Enough said.

See ya,


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