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Benidorm tourists

Beach scene - the water was so warm!

Another beach scene

Heading up to Barcelona we decided to follow the coastline. We wanted to see some of the seaside towns that many of the British have now made their own and there was no better place than Benidorm. Long before you arrive you can see in the distance the high rise developments that dominate the coastline. The Costa Blanca(White Coast) is one of Europe's most heavily visited areas. There is nothing left of the traditional Spanish villages that would have been here before the tourists arrived. The beaches were a sea of lobster red tourists and inflatable beach paraphernalia. It was very hot and sunny and we decided to have lunch at one of the open air restaurants across from the beach. It was amazing to be sitting in a restaurant in Spain and all you could hear were English accents, specifically strong Manchester accents asking for bread and butter and more beer.

We continued on to Gandia for the night, a beach side town 50 kms from Valencia. After checking into the hotel we made for the beach and the refreshing waters of the Mediterranean. The water was warm and very calm, it was quite lovely being in it. There were only small waves so you really got to bob about and relax. For dinner we ate at one of the outdoor restaurants and watched the Spanish walk by on their evening Paseo. A lovely relaxing way to spend the night.

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