Pat and Jim Attack 2011 travel blog

Friday we hiked around Bear Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park

A view around the lake

Another view in the same area

Pat with HER camera taking better pictures

Trapper leading the way through an aspen grove on the way to...

A view along the trail

View from the top of the falls

Last night at Wallyworld RV Park and Spa

Sunrise this morning

Friday was our second day in Rocky Mountain National Park. This time we went to the east side and spent the day there. Not so dramatic as the west side of the park.

We decided on some hikes so first we hiked around Bear Lake (very popular)which was pretty flat and just under a mile. Then we hiked to Alberta Falls...a mile in, and a mile back. This was intermediate/challenging with no flat sections and grades of 10 percent or better.

Done hiking around 3:00, we drove out of the park (past the ever present elk) and into the town of Estes Park. Roamed the streets, the old section is pretty cool, then we headed back to our campsite.

Saturday morning the campground was closing for the winter, so we had to pull out by 9:00. We parked on the road leading out of the camp and took a short walk into town. Lyons is two blocks long. We did the up and back, then had breakfast at a sidewalk cafe...good food and good views of the bike riders speeding through the town.

So after breakfast we drove to Castle Rock...about 80 miles. Traffic through Denver was very heavy, but we were happily ensconsed at Wallyworld by 4:00. We went inside to ask permission to park in the lot and were welcomed, registered, and told we could stay for THREE DAYS. So Pat called the family we have that lives out here and we all went to dinner last night....great fun.

Today is laundry, lunch, and prep for our run to Trinidad, Colorado tomorrow


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